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At Your Service


Most of Ok9’s services begin here no matter what the focus of your needs may be. All consultations are in person in the Los Angeles area. In most cases they will take place in your home unless an alternative location is more beneficial. If you live outside of the city, consultations can be done via Skype, phone, or email. These appointments are helpful in understanding your goals, the dynamics of your home, and family.


Adoption Assistance

There is a large network of rescues and animal shelters dedicated to supporting the dogs of Los Angeles and surrounding counties. Sorting through all of the options on top of deciding what type of dog would suit your life best can be overwhelming. Ok9 can help you in finding the right age, size, and temperament whether you have kids, another pet, or if you’re brand new to owning a dog. There is nothing better than placing a rescued dog in a new loving home.


Check-ups are for follow up appointments after a training plan has been put in place. A new hurdle may arise or your pup may need some help with reinforcing the original goals. Adjustment and training is a process. One visit will provide a solid foundation, but the repetition is where the results will take hold. All clients will receive a discount on check-up sessions.

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