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Where it began...

Marnee has cared for dogs of all sizes from a young age. After moving to Los Angeles over six years ago she was immediately drawn to the rescue work of a number of dedicated organizations. She provided boarding through DogVacay to over one hundred guests, consultation assistance to her clients, and adopted two dogs of her own, Indie & Perdy. She was the foster coordinator for A Purposeful Rescue which focuses on overlooked shelter dogs and continues to volunteer with them. Marnee, Nic, Perdy, & Indie are looking forward to welcoming their 22nd foster pup soon.

~ Meet Perdy ~ 15 years young.

"Perdy was one of my first foster dogs in Los Angeles. I knew I would find the home she was meant to be in for the rest of her days. Turns out we were her people all along. It took nearly two months to get her housebroken as she was left alone in a family home after her owner had passed away. After two adoptions fell through I knew she was telling me she had already found home with us. Perdy is part of my heart and soul, but she also required discipline and patience. She was a big part of my learning curve and also a perfect example that standing by your dog can bring wonderful results. She continuously helps me in acclimating new foster pups. I will always be grateful that she put the fire in my belly to help others discover the true potential in their canine family members. I can't wait to meet yours!" ~ Marnee

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